fredag den 3. september 2010

the symphony of colors of a market place

when traveling in the far east I always
take refuge in a market place.

the fruits and vegetables they sell and
the very color of their clothes of which they obtain from these vegetables are always in a perfect

the happy and hopeful faces and the
colorful dresses gives me a positive
energy .

the abundance of the stuff being sold
here makes one eager to buy, and buy
that of course is the main idea of a market place, and to meet people exchange news is what makes a market place exciting.

nothing is waisted here, the beautiful hats and the baskets are also of what is left after picking the fruits and vegetables .

therefore the perfect harmony with people and their colorful dresses and the stuff they sell and the surroundings they sell their goods.

markets have a music of their own they are places for all senses sound , smell and sight .

they come early in the morning with hope and leave happy and content in
their own way when the sun is gone.

fredag den 20. august 2010

virtuosity of carpenters

without loving what you do it would be impossible to produce this masterpiece.
one of the jewels I have ever seen in my numerous travels all over the world is in kizhi island in
karelia, russia.
this church of the transfiguration built in 1714 demonstrates the masterwork of periods carpenters, who were able to construct these very complex shapes and amazingly harmonious curves of twenty two onion shaped domes clad in aspen wood tiles without even using a single nail.

this island is an example of a civilization based on wood and the wood came from far away, this
is why I argue, you can not achieve a work like this without love, love of what you do......

a great place to visit.

søndag den 18. juli 2010

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onsdag den 2. september 2009


Se her alle mine fine døre og vinduer. Tjek flere ud her.


baba fra nepal som jeg har delt livets betydning.